iPad for Educators

12/13/2012 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
$600 iPad, $775 iPad + AppleTV

This workshop will focus on emerging tools that teachers at each grade level can use to integrate strategies within the Common Core Standards. Come and experience Apple's next generation of tablet computing, the iPad, and explore the educational possibilities for administrators, teachers and students. Be among the first to discover how the NEW iPad can impact your school or district. Explore some of the best educational apps available. The iPad is destined to be the most talked about device this year - be among the first to introduce your school and students to this revolutionary device. Best of all, leave with a brand new 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad!

You may also optionally purchase an AppleTV and say goodbye to wires! The AppleTV can change the way teachers and students access, share, and learn content from a variety of sources. Whether it’s media streamed from the Internet or the use of applications on a computer or iPad, the leverage and flexibility of wirelessly transmitting content is a must have for educators. With the wireless capabilities of the AppleTV it is perfect for the any classroom teacher. Not only will participants see how to use this device for educating students, they will also learn how it can be used in various educational settings. With a few simple steps, the AppleTV can even be hooked up and used almost immediately. Imagine walking into a room and begin displaying content directly from your iPad instantly! For an additional $175, you may bundle the AppleTV and the projector adapter with your NEW iPad.